Opportunity Knocks

Here is a semi-recent project for Strategic Finance. The article was about an unexpected phone call leading to several merger / acquisition opportunities.


Made mostly in zbrush with a little photoshop at the end.

illustration made in brush of man answering knocking phone


No it’s not a movie sequel, an epipen, or a cable sports channel.


As I found out from working on this assignment from Strategic Finance magazine, EPM2 stands for Enterprise Performance Management. The “2” part is because a new generation of the software has been developed to better help MSCO’s (manufacturing and supply chain organizations) plan and manage their businesses.

Mary Zisk, the art director, always does a great job of helping me wade through the alphabet soup of corporate accounting that fills the prose of the magazine she directs. She boiled it down to thinking of EPM2 as helping companies that make and sell their own stuff. She suggested some kind of factory setting.



Northwestern University

Northwestern University commissioned me to illustrate several essays in their alumni magazine. What was especially fun on this assignment was their openness to taking an entirely different approach on each image.

First was an essay about Northwestern alums doing interviews with college applicants to make the process more personal. I thought of this as the alums creating a sort of portrait of the applicant.1310a

Next was a piece about helping people with aphasia – inability to speak or understand speech as a result of a brain injury.1310b


This was a lighter essay about a lifetime love of running.


and running as part of travel.1310d

The last story was about a student organization of veterans helping other veterans adjust to life at college after serving in active duty.1310e


Sports Radio

Twin Cities Business Journal hired me to illustrate a story about the high number of sports radio stations in Minneapolis / St. Paul.



A New Direction

So an illustrator is supposed to develop their style or “brand” (as they call it these days) and stick to it. Unfortunately that can sort of stunt one’s creativity. And I can only cut little people out of paper for so long before going a little loopy. So it was fun to take this assignment in a new direction.

I’ve developed a body of work based on drawing with Krink K-60 graffiti markers. John Paxson over at Washington State Magazine was open to taking this new bolder, simpler visual approach on an assignment to illustrate sleep research being conducted at WSU’s sleep research lab in Spokane. They are researching how sleep (and sleep deprivation) affect job performance. Particularly jobs directly relating to public safety. John and I were both especially compelled by the examples in the story about airline tragedies and sleep deprived pilots.




Not everyone was comfortable with this new approach but John lobbied hard to get it into print. Thanks John for pushing for it.