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Several years ago, my son and I made this little pun guessing game called Since then I’ve learned a lot more about writing and wanted to redo the site. Now, eight years later, it’s re-written, re-illustrated, re-named and ready for you to play. Read the rhyme, look at the illustration and groan while you fill in the answer.


Harvard Business Review

A few illustrations created for the Harvard Business Review:

How to prevent employee turnover1704a

Lessons from the sushi bar applied to retail1704b

Evolution of messaging in leadership1704c

opening illustration for ideas section1704d

Alternate opener for ideas section1704e

Socially responsible investing1704f

UNH magazine

Cover and inside illustration for University of New Hampshire’s alumni magazine. The story is about moving from their history as a land grant university to an institution focused on helping students develop their own intellectual property.

1602a 1602b